Hounslow and Whitton Cricket Club

Hounslow and Whitton Cricket Club - Vice Presidents

President: Phil Cambray

Vice Presidents

Ms Laura Ellener head of Chiswick school

D W Goodhew head of Latymer Upper school

Life Vice presidents

Colin Barnes Philip Cambray John Creasey Robert Flintoff

Edward Glover Geoff Gurney Geoff Hall Graham Hall

Bill Hewitt Geoff Lavers Jim Lawes David Lovell

Jimmy Noel John Norton Bruce Perkins Roy Peters

Brian Piggott Dick Silver David Stanners Paul Turnage

Mike Underwood David Uren Bob Waring Matti Watton

Bob White Shirley Young

Several more who served the Club for many years are sadly now deceased.


Cyril        Brown
Brian Field
Rory Hands
Basil Jervis
Basil Keen
Roy Killick
Ken Richmond
Tony White
Mike  Weller
Eric         Young