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Hounslow and Whitton Cricket Club 4th XI squad

4th XI in 2022

Sani Chopra is the current captain of the Saturday 4th XI. He joined the youth section and made his debut in the senior side at the age of fourteen and soon became a regular in the Sunday teams as a fast bowler and aggressive lower order batsman. He was part of a very successful Saturday third XI where he developed his cricketing and leadership skills.

He puts his success partly down to the support he receives from his co-players having played with a number of them through the youth teams over the years. When asked what he enjoys most about the club his reply “I started playing cricket when I was six and enjoy being part of the club because of the multi-cultural mix and the way everyone comes together to play as a community”.

He devotes a lot of his time watching and playing cricket and has gained vast experience over his short career as a cricketer. His aims are to support the vision of the club by promoting and supporting younger players whilst enjoying the challenge of gaining promotion in the coming season

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